Dirt to Street?
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Thread: Dirt to Street?

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    Dirt to Street?

    Did anyone convert a dirt bike to a street legal bike? If yes what was required?
    Paper work, licensing, inspection, etc.

    Let me know.

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    ask the motardz. perhaps there does need to be a motard forum as well?...
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    My DR is an enduro bike converted to street.........sort of. It does have a legal registration and plate but if any cops want to be jerks, the bike would be pulledoff the road.

    Up in the Okanagan, Princeton area the cops don't bother. It's handy to have as you can legally go up logging roads and you don't need a truck to transport it all the time.

    Baja Designs makes a kit that has the lights, wiring harness etc to convert the bike. I think they're going for around $900 Canadian. Then you take it in to an approved shop to get it certified. That's the "proper" way. You could probably still get a hassle if the cop knew bikes. All road bikes must have metal gas tanks, which strictly off road bikes don't have.

    If you buy a new enduro bike like say a DRZ400, I've been told that on the "Nivus" form you get with a new bike, there is no statement for this particular model, saying "for off road use only" . Therefore you can get it licensed.

    I've also been told on some models' Nivus form the above statement is at the top of the form. Apparently, (I've never done this) you can carefully cut the top of the form so this statement is no longer there. Don't know about this method.

    I've also been told that if you go to a Government Agent in some small town to get it registered, it's much easier.

    A lot of hearsay, I know, but no one you talk to really wants to let out their secrets. Maybe check with motor vehicles dept before taking the plunge and see what the "offical" line is?

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