Is it too early for another crash?
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Thread: Is it too early for another crash?

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    Is it too early for another crash?

    Man seems like a lot of crashes this early in the season... I got taken out by a pickup on Grandview this morning. I was passing on the left, he changed lanes right into me. I don't remember much, just the truck coming over, oncoming traffic BAD, then the bike went down hard on the left side and I somehow was in front, foot stuck between the front tire and the lower fairing, sliding down the road.

    I was pretty disoriented... I got my foot out, there seemed to be people all around me, someone got the bike off the road and I sat on the curb for a while. My right knee hurt, probably had something to do with the big dent behind the door of the pickup. Still confused... what do I do with the bike? Should the police come? What do I do now? A nice guy in a JJ Bean van gave me his card, said he saw the whole thing, I think he was the one who got my bike off the road.

    The driver was still there, apologizing, "didn't see you", I finally decide to call 911 and let them figure out if we need the police, just talking to the nice lady and I hear sirens and a firetruck pulls up. Is that for me? I actually asked if they were just driving by, but no they were called. Ambulance next, nice man walked me through whether I should see a doctor or not. Call work, not coming, call wife, come get me, call buddy, bring truck.

    There seems to be a gap in ICBC policy, where a bike that may be technically rideable may not have a willing rider. But we managed to talk the claim center into leaving the bike there overnight.

    Anyway the sum up... I have a sore knee (and more parts of me are becoming sore as time goes on) but the doctor says no damage. The bike is beat, the plastic is broken on the left and scratched to match the pickup on the right (interrupted by where my leg took over for a bit). Otherwise ok, I hope they don't write it off, I like that bike! Jeans + Belstaff pants probably saved my leg from more damage, helmet hit the ground so a new one at the bike show (good timing), Belstaff jacket has a very small abrasion on the back at the edge of the back pad.

    I'll save the post mortem "what I could have done" stuff for after the ICBC file is closed, but I'm surprised that I was so confused and disoriented. And it's difficult to hit the horn and pull the clutch at the same time. And that little strap at the front of your tank bag? Yeah, you should have that on.

    Wow... sorry, long post. Keep the rubber down and the paranoia up!

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    Well good to see your ok tho....for the most part. That sucks about your bike tho, but ICBC will hopefully get that all fixed up for ya too.

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    I'm so glad to hear your okay man, it sounds exactly like my brothers accident a couple of years ago. If you need anything, even to talk or anything like that, pm me

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    Glad you're OK Squint. Hope you can get some good rest tonight.

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    Glad to hear that you are okay.
    Work sucks -- let's go riding!

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    Scary. It could have been a lot worse had you been shoved into oncoming traffic, glad to hear you're in one piece.

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    Good to hear that you are okay? Good to hear that your getting back on too. Keep it up bud.

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    Glad to hear you are ok...hope you get well soon

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    Lucky guy, glad you're basicly ok.

    Keep a log, write everything down that happened, everything you did regarding the accident, all the time you spent dealing with it, and ICBC. I know it sounds anal but it's easy to do now, and if things ever go pear-shaped you'll be glad you did.

    Get thee to a physio/chiropractor ASAP! You don't want those torn muscles locking up and healing funny, you need something better for you long term than a GP looking you over and saying "yeah, you seem ok, take a couple of days off work". Get some muscle relaxants, they'll help, especially if you've tweaked something that's just starting to show.

    Call the police, get a file going, because it's the law if the accident's over a few hundred dollars for a motorcycle. They may tell you not to bother, but get the officer's name if they tell you they're not filing a report, and record when you called. It makes ICBC happy because they know you're not hiding anything, and it gives them one less thing to fuck you over with if you call it in to the cops.

    Ideally you want a charge against the other driver, just to make it much more clear legally who's fault it was. Call your witness, thank him very, very, very much. It wouldn't be a bad thing to send a thank you card to his work, or his employer telling him what a great guy he was. You may need him desperately if ICBC wants to play hardball.

    Heal well, and I hope you get back on two wheels before summer comes.

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    Wow, Glad that your okay. Man they are going to ban us at work soon with people riding and going down. haha. No really i am glad that your okay.
    I didn't say it was your fault i SAID i was going to blame you!

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    Good to hear you're just banged up and not broken Bro. I'll let you heal for a day or so before I start teasing you.

    Oh and the reason you're not thinking straight is the blow to the head. Fun isn't it? Been there.....
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    Sorry to hear about that man. Damn cagers, open your eyes! You've got mirrors, and a neck that swivels, for a reason!

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    It's good to know the only "light" you'll be looking at are still the ones at work. Great to hear you made it out of that one and I hope things work out smoothly.

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    good to hear you are mostly ok, bike can be replaced.

    Actually DON'T call you whiteness until ICBC talks with him.
    They specifically asked me if I've talked about the accident, contacted them after or did anything. It has something to do with possibility of you "adjusting" the facts into your favor.
    But after ICBC talked with them, sure, send a card or what ever.

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    glad to hear your ok!!

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