Bike show brings back entertainment
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Thread: Bike show brings back entertainment

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    Bike show brings back entertainment

    The Vancouver Motorcycle Show is in full stride. Bill and the 5th Gear crew have compiled a great selection of stunt riding, trials, ATV, motard, and probably the best of all, Yamaha's Kids Ride. You sign up the little ones, they get outfitted with safety gear, get out on a brand new Yamaha mini bike, and around the hay bales they go. Smart move, getting the kids involved. This will bring the families out, and give our sport another growth spurt.

    The 3rd building (a temporary facility) works quite well for the riding area, coupled with more exhibition area. Most of the club booths and Mom and Pop shops are in the temporary building.

    One great thing though is in the manufacturers areas, with all the small booths gone (and the multiple dividers) it seems like there is way more room to walk around in the 2 main fingers.

    Remember to think about coming in and leaving through the back exit, along the border. The Mt Lehman exchange is currently undergoing improvements, but they are not complete yet.

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    Thanks for the tip.

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    Did the Kawasaki booth fall down yet?

    I was on the crew that put it up..ha ha ha! (Just kidding.)

    Was talking to a few of the Show managers on Wed and they were really trying to get the crowd flow happening by freeing up some space . This year they are trying to address a few of the complaints that the attendees have had. The "demo" area is another. I'm glad that this is working well for them. Let's see what happens when the weekend crowds arrive....
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