Stupid speeding ticket (Part I)
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Thread: Stupid speeding ticket (Part I)

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    Angry Stupid speeding ticket (Part I)

    Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket & you are 110% sure that you weren't speeding? Well, I did.

    It happened last weekend on Cambie St, I was just crusing around town, not in a hurry, I pulled to a Red, noticed a big Police truck beside me. Green light came on, i accelerated, looked at my rear view mirrors, see all cars behind me, so I checked my speed (65km/hr) I continued, then I saw the Police truck with flashers on behind me. At that time, I thought the truck just want to pass. So, I slowed down..... but actually got pulled over?!?!?!?

    Then in the next 5 mins, I had the stupidiest conversation ever in my life.....

    Stay tuned for more...

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    EDIT: good luck with the ticket, fight the power!

    took out the rest of this message after reading the 2nd part of this thread in another part of the forum. sorry.
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