Helmet safe after (small) impact???
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Thread: Helmet safe after (small) impact???

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    Helmet safe after (small) impact???

    does anyone know how to tell whether a helmet has any internal cracks in it?? i heard u can x-ray it to see if the helmet is still structurally sound. does anyone know what this involves and/or where u can get this done? helmet doesn't look too bad from the outside, and i wanna find out if its still safe to use.

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    Usually you can send the helmet back to the manufacture for x-raying. Or phone up some shops and ask where can you get it done locally.

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    anyone know any shops where i can get this done? approximate cost? reliability?


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    What kind of impact? Was your head in it at the time of impact, or did you drop it?

    If your head was in the helmet when it hit the ground then replace it. The inner liner is designed to absorb the energy from an impact, but unfortunately only once. If you simply dropped it, or it fell off your seat then chances are it's OK.
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    Arai, Shoei, Suomy etc. inspect crashed helmets for FREE. You just have to pay for shipping costs to get there.

    IMO, it's not worth running unless it was dropped (around waist level) with NO head in it. You can't put a price on your brain...

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    i heard if you send your helmet back to the manufacturer for xraying there is a possibility they will keep it, something to do with liability reasons,, maybe this is an urban myth or something but i'd check into it b4 i sent my property away.....
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