I've got one shinny (well, it's black, so not really shinny ) KSC Heavy Weigh Glock 19 for sale. It has a metal slide installed (with white trades). Also included 1 extra KSC mag.

Here's the break down:
KSC 19HW - $ 275.00 CAD
metal slide with metal outer barrel - $145.00 CAD
extra KSC mag - $65.00 CAD

Total if bought not from me - $485.00 CAD with shipping that would be close to 500!!!

Now, my price for everything SHIPPED normal post in a nice *FREE* pistol case: $400.

problems with the gun: missing trigger safety piece (hey, you're saving $95* already!)

Here are some extras:
V2 (i think) propane adaptor - $30 - you need this to use regular propane bottles. they last for a looong time.
Speed Loader with GBB attachment - $30 - to make reloading easier and waaay faster.

*If you buy everything at the same time, i'll let it go for $450 shipped.

A couple things:
Metal slide means you can use normal bottled propane without fear of blowing it blowing up (like with a stock plastic one).

HW - Heavy Weigh - during the manufacturing process metal fibers are introduced to the ABS plastic material making it stronger, heavier, and cold to touch (since the frame on the real one is plastic, this shouldnt be a problem, right ?)

This is a great wall hanger/indoor plinking gun (i dont know of any pellet guns with fully functioning slides (locks when there're no more BBs)). Ill throw in any BBs that i have lying around. With the propane adaptor you can use normal Canadian Tire propane (i suggest coleman, 'cause the other one stinks like ass) with adding a couple of drops of light weigh silicone oil (ask for oil for RC car suspension at any hobby store). I'll explain where to add the oil to the buyer since this is getting a bit long already (takes 5 seconds, doenst requre taking anything apart).

Money goes towards "Max's first bike" fund.