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    writer wanted

    intern writers needed for a local online entertainment magazine for various articles.... if interested contact me nelson_roque1705@hotmail.com or check out the website www.imvasian.com... latas

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    what's the pay???

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    what must we wright about?
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    Yeah...what's the pay and what do you have to write about...and if engrish is so not very goodly talked, it is okay to be with job?

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    it says intern writers, i don't think interns get paid. unless u work for the clinton administration. ha.
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    for those who don't have experience in freelance magazine articles, what you basically do it troll for business by sending out letters to editors and what not.

    It can be incredibly difficult to get through, connections do help. Most editors put away their apps in File 19 (trash).

    Anyone can be a writer, you submit your article to any bonafide company, they in turn pay you for it. They don't care about experience, the quality of your work will shine through in the first paragraph. You get paid usually on the # of words produced.

    approx 300-500 is about right for a one page article...

    As for intern'ing, I take that to mean, "without pay."
    That is tantamount to, "hey, come work for me for free, don't worry, I'll give you a good reference." Except references don't mean jack here. Although it helps to show your published work.

    I can understand if it's a new business, and costs gotta stay low, but you get what you pay for.

    But I'm sure Rockstar has something worked out so it's fair for everyone.
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    What?! You have to work and not get paid? What kind of atrocity are you suggesting?

    I dunno, maybe it's cuz I've been loaded down with school papers for the last little while but the notion of writing and not getting marks or money for it seems off to me.

    Actually, I think I'll write a paper about how good Kawis are......

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