Radical new engine design
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Thread: Radical new engine design

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    Radical new engine design


    Apparently this thing is capable of putting out around two horsepower per pound of motor. They say at it's current size of 18" in diameter and 24" in length it puts out 300 horsepower and gets 70 MPG.

    The nice thing is it's air cooled (doesn't get that hot) and has very few moving parts.

    Imagine something half the size capable of 150 horsepower in a space less than a cubic foot with no liquid cooling system to worry about.

    Duesenberg is using the design for both a car and a motorcycle currently in the works.

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    Looks like a variation on the Dynacam engine that was going to "revolutionize the industry" when I was in university. Still hasn't, 12 years later.
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    If you burn a lot of gas in a small space you need to get the heat away from the pistons and cylinders before it melts or otherwise damages the metal. The small versions may well make 2 hp/lb but as you move up the scale and generate a LOT of HP things change and you end up with a LOT of heat to dissapate. This can either go out the tail pipe or it can pass through the walls of the engine. As shown It would be extremely hard to make this for high power outputs and also keep it air cooled. The pistons are all in the inner block with at least 2 layers of jackets between the heat production area and the outside world. Unless there's a way to make that inner block finned with a fan that blows air through the core there's just no way it can be air cooled and be powerful enough to satisfy the bike users.

    Ideally it does neither and the combustion gas temperature stays hot with very little transfer to the metal of the engine. But reality bites and we have a lot of heat loss through the engine structure. And for same displacement engines the more cylinders you have the more surface area to cylinder volume there is and the worse the heat bleed into the engine is.

    So I really do not see this being a compact engine once it gets it's water cooling jacket since I highly doubt that aircooling will do the job what with the realities of hotspots causeing high exhaust emmision problems.

    The odd thing is that this looks just like something my father drew for me back when I was a younger teen. It was an idea he had gotten for a "new" engine design that he originally thought of while in the war and played with on and off in thought only over the intervening years. It's all there, the rollers and cams with the rotating block just like he showed me.
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    A motor is just an air pump.

    It looks like the highlighted applications electrical generator, and fire hose pump run full out constant. I don't think that motor would react well to the typical road or race use of a motorcycle. Of, on, part throttle, etc. You'd wind up with more of the same problems as the rotaries.

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