Pipe dilema....

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Thread: Pipe dilema....

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    Rogue Rider

    Pipe dilema....

    Want a pipe for the bike this year, but torn between the Hindle and a D&D. So I'm curious as to what you guys would chose and why. The bike in question is a '98 Honda CBR900 (fireblade).
    My last bike CBR600 had a D&D and it was loud (good and bad), will the D&D be compairable to that, or louder cause of the additional displacement??

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    Rogue Rider
    my bad, and fixed.
    Had 'issues' posting lol

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    contradiction incarnate Array slam's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    took care of it, so no worries

    I'd expect the D&D to be similarly loud, but a different tonal characteristic.
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    Ride Solo Array GSP's Avatar
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    I'm not thrilled by the quality of either, so I'd go "other".
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    Rogue Rider
    If you chose 'other', why not 'enlighten' as to what you'ld lean towards.
    Which would have a more throughty (low) tone??
    Are Kerkers much different?

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    Moderator Array TeeTee's Avatar
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    I've seen reports that Kerkers have quality issues and look rough because of it.

    If you want mellow and not too loud then Yosh street (not race) or Hindle Stealth is the ticket.
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    Now accepting DONATIONS! Array PilotPete's Avatar
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    '98 YZF R1

    If I didn't have the Akro, I'd probably go for a Graves system...
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    Registered User Array gixxer6's Avatar
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    I put a M4 on this winter and it sounds great. I bought it from GSXR Bubba it had been crashed but M4 has parts you can buy from the company. It cost me $60 us plus shipping to fix it. Any company that will supply parts for your can can't be all that bad.

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    Registered User Array HRC pilot's Avatar
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    honda 600RR
    ya go with something other than those two. i have an acrapovic and it not too loud around the city, but when you open it up...it's real nice.
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    ~Flying Swan Hot Chick~ Array fireball's Avatar
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    I have Gianelli and it sounds amazing but I really love the sound of the Akrapovic on my boyfriends 600RR
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    Registered User Array SpideRider's Avatar
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    I have the same bike (98 Fireblade), and it has the Yosh pipe. Sounds awesome, especially after some of the packing wore out after the first couple years.
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    Registered User Array mikeelliot's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Fraser Valley
    Yosh or Akro

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    Registered User Array GSXRBUbba's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    I put the new FMF titanium on my bike last year and it has an awesome sound.

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    Registered User Array 5thgear's Avatar
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    2005 CBR 600RR
    Both those pipes are loud and of the cheaper quality I'd go for this one:

    Yosh DPS $380, good quality/price not to loud but has a nice sound.

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    Registered User Array smithnea's Avatar
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    2004 Suzuki GSXR 600 2007 Husqvarna WR250
    Akrapovic, I love the way my pipe is quiet at idle and really deep sounding.When you rev it up it sounds great.

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