Powder, Paint, or just Blasted?
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Thread: Powder, Paint, or just Blasted?

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    Question Powder, Paint, or just Blasted?

    Blasting would be the most economical since I would need to blast before I paint or powder them, but I'm not sure how the bare metal silver would look though.
    Powder is more durable, but they are harder to remove if I don't like the finished look or texture. Also, I still have the bearings and valve stems in the wheels. Should I remove them (not sure how?) or just tape them up (what kind of tape?) or replace the old bearings with new ones (not sure if replacement is needed)? I do hear that Rainbow in Coquitlam does a decent job.
    Painting would seem to be the easier choice, since everything could be just masked off. Endura paint seems to be a favored choice for wheels.

    If anyone has tried the above with good or bad result, please post them up. I'm just trying to weight my options. Thanx

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    If I were to paint, Endura would be the paint to use, it has the hardest finish. Personally I would go for powder coating, yes you will have to remove the valve stem (cut the inside of the rim part of the valve stem to remove replace with a new oneafter powder coating is complete). As for the bearing I would remove them and clean any grease that is in that area. Put some tape inside were the bearing seat so that the powder coating doesn,t stick it will change the size of area and make it hard to install new bearings. That my experience any way.

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    I painted the wheels on my R1 to match the rest of the paint on the body.

    I used paint for a couple of reasons, There is not a lot of choice when it comes to powder coat colors, you can get some basic colors but unless you match the paint to the powder coat color first; chances are slim they will be a perfect match.

    I went through the same thing when it came to removing bearings and seals and replacing them, more money. Also the time that it took to get them dropped off and picked back up again played a part in my decision.

    I also paint for a living so cost was not a factor, but it also meant I have to rely on someone else to mount my tires for me, the paint is softer and the days of changing my own tires are gone.

    I don’t' regret painting the wheels, I don’t think the powder coat has anywhere near the shine of base coat clear coat with a nice glossy finish

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    thats a nice rep ! fortuna scheme doesnt get enough play .cool

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    paint looks good
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