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    Question help bike price

    Just wondering your thoughts about 04+ gsxr 600 cost ball figure. I know the figure if I get it from the dealership, but would prefer a private sale (save taxes+hidden cost). Dilemma is i don't see anything out there and if there is's priced like gold.

    Other question - I have heard how bloody expensive it is to get replacement ferrings. I see GSXRBUbba has GSXR1000 body for $300 which i think might be a steal. Anyone know how much GSXR600 body is including the logos?

    Wanna do the math to see rather than spending 7grand if its worth it to spend the extra bling equating the depreciation factor and going for something new. By the way if someone has a gixxer for sale other than the yellow scheme PM me

    Experience level is one season, so i am trying to skip the 750 option

    Fire away...thnx

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    if your serious i know a fella who bought a 04 gix 600,scared himself (first bike)and is selling,hes in the oilfields,but the bikes me

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    body work from a dealer will be closer to $900
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    Quote Originally Posted by racerboy88
    body work from a dealer will be closer to $900
    I'd guess a bit more than that, but maybe suzuki is cheaper than most.

    And an 04 600 is gonna be 8k+ this time of year.
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    lower side fairings are 750 each, front fairing is 625, seat cowl is 633. I priced these out for my 03 gixxer 1000

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