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Thread: Anyone Like Pocketbikes?

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    Tu Kewl

    Anyone Like Pocketbikes?

    If there are any users on the site from across Canada who are into pocket biking, there is a new site that I have helped put together.

    The goal of the site is to be a central information hub for pocket bikers. We have pics, vids, how to's, and information for Canadian pocket bikers.

    In our forum we talk with many other pb'ers from West Coast to East Coast about what is going on in their local province and any race leagues that are set up.

    Pocket biking is starting to grow really quickly, and as people learn that the streets is where these bikes do not belong, race leagues are being set up and people are having a blast.

    For example, in Ontario, the OPBRL has a winter series held as Formula Kartways and 401 Mini-Indy. In the summer there are plans to race at Goodwood and at Mosport.

    In British Columbia, there is a sponsor on our site (Phat Performance Bikes), who is located in BC and is trying to help the sport grow here.

    If anyone is interested in pocket biking, or would like to get into pocket biking, our site has great sponsors who will help you with parts and finding the right bike, and our forum is always looking for new people.

    If you are interested the forum is

    Thanks everyone

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    Welcome to 2003

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    Pocket bikes are fun...Ive owned 7 of them...but sold them all. I have a real bike now. Maybe in the future I will get another pocket bike just to toy around with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furious Fiero
    Maybe in the future I will get another pocket bike just to toy around with.
    As opposed to the "serious riding" you were doing on the ones you owned previously?
    Maybe Mediocre
    BCSB - I hate you

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    Whats wrong with this one

    And from a member on here no less.

    I'm such a hijacker!
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    I would guess this is somebodies first post.

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    I wish.
    Way to sign up to plug your site. Closed.
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