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    Stock colors blue/white. needs headlight, mirrors, ignition rekeyed. The bike is straight and was checked by a shop for me (front end, rotors, front wheel, frame). Will need to be reinspected to become street legal. would make a great streetfighter or racebike or back to street for not much money Its almost done.
    Race upper lowers /Rear cowl and pass seat/ manuals/ New tires/ new clutch and brake masters/ galfer lines/ Bitubo rear shock/ Undertail can half done/ 2X m4 cans loads of extras to go with it/ New battery.. Speedo.. Tank needs to be kreemed and 2 small dents pulled before paint.

    The deal is less than 1 week from today bringing brada a bunch of parts to do paint wise then i will put all my efforts to finish this bike for summer. If someone gets this bike before then your score... My reasons on selling it are due to my 1984 4 runner being modded out with a 5.0 liter mustang engine and it needs body paint work asap.

    2 projects suck if you work full time
    $3200. pm if interested.


    more pictures on link and under my pictures here....


    bump to new pictures
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    bump to keys done and running now

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