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    Arrow Vancouver Motorcycle Accident

    Hey dudes,

    I just thought that I would post this out of Interest. I had an accident about a month ago on Commercial Drive here in Vancouver and you can read all about it on.

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    Sobering thoughts. Glad to hear that you're on your way to a full recovery. Get healed soon.

    My advice would be to get back on the bike as soon as you feel up to it. Conquoring your fear will be much easier the sooner you get back up on the horse and I bet it'll be thereputic.

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    Wow... It was like I just got transported back in time 3 years to my accident

    Glad to hear you're ok
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    Sorry you had to go through that, but at least you're here today.

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    Hey Colter you got some bad luck or something... just read the story on your website how you fell down some stairs then got assaulted. I guess that was before the MC accident?

    Take care and heal fast dude.
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    I can't imagine riding regularly in the city of Vancouver. One day your gonna get nailed, its just a question of how bad.

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    Wow. I am really glad to know that you are ok. I constantly ride to commercial drive and back during the riding season. I need to be more careful of those cross streets.

    I like reading these stories and I don't like reading them all at the same time. They are a good reminder to keep it slow and safe.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    good to hear your ok man! hope you make a quick full recovery. and just think how much money icbc is gonna give you, thatll put a smile on your face!!

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    Holy crap, that's one nasty accident.

    My friend is a psychology PhD student and she's doing work rehab with people who've had accidents and are now scared to drive, so she has them work through their fears using computer driving simulations.

    I haven't kept in touch with her, but there have to be other professionals out there you could talk to who can help with getting over the post traumatic stress, once you heal physically.

    Take care and good luck.

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    Ouch. It's almost hard to read. Glad to hear you're making a recovery, and I hope you give riding another chance sometime.
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    speed reovery to you. You have taken the hardest step of all whcin is talking about...sometime thats all the human side of us needs to do to start the healing. take care

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