Bro Jakes Thunder in the Mountains
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Thread: Bro Jakes Thunder in the Mountains

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    Bro Jakes Thunder in the Mountains

    Anyone tagging the Bro Jake ride on sunday from Deeleys to Whistler. Open to all bikes.

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    Well, if I wanted my bike to carbon up and overheat from the slow speeds, I might go. I have a feeling even on my 350single that I'd get bored.

    Thanks for letting me know what road not to be on that day though.

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    I'm planning to attend the Squamish Toy Run then possibly tagging along with the Thunder Run... (on the Harley), but I'm kinda with DirtyBill... it's always fun to ride with a group that large but it can't compete with the run Steve is taking to Lilloett & back that morning!! Now THAT is what I call a good time!
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    Glad to help Bill.
    Your ride sounds good and i'd join up if i hadn't already done it last week and the week before and the week before......

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