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    FYI: AutoPlan6 ...

    Hey all...

    First thing's first. All you 2 wheelin' bastards that took your bikes out this weekend sure made me jealous. Lost count at the number of bikes I passed from South Van to White Rock and back.

    ok, 'nuff cryin'

    Now for those of you ready for insuring, I've done you some homework. Another post was up on the topic, but I wanted to clarify some hicups.
    AUTOPLAN-6 is a 6 month pay as you go monthly insurance deal. At the end of the half year, your insurance expires like any other plan. You DON'T have to pay a cancelation fee (like some feared) and you keep the plate (Like some denied). So if you mount up in April (Like myself) then you'd be good until the end of September.
    There ~ you're smarter and it's because of me.

    ride safe everyone
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    also of note, on the shorter plans, ie 6 months 3 months, ICBC charges you a surcharge for not buying a full year.......I don't remember exactly how much it was, just that it was cheaper in the long run to insure for a year and cancel then it was to pay the surcharge and buy only 6 months
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    ^^ Jayson is correct. The last two times I worked out the numbers, it worked out cheaper in the long run to get AP12 and cancel. That way you can have it for 8 months, which is sort of better here in Van anyway.

    FWIW, it's only slightly more expensive to just keep the AP12 on the bike year round... I seem to recall it was only an extra $100 on my Nighthawk, I didn't work it out for the VFR yet.
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