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Thread: new led turn signals question

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    Question new led turn signals question

    I'm new to this board but just looking for some input from other riders.
    I am getting ready to make some led turn signals for bikes. The rear is going to be a light bar that mounts just above the plate in the rear. The front will be a 2.25 long stalk mount.
    They have a 10 led sequential flash like the old cougars and thunderbirds. They also will have a single led mounted on the ends for a marker light. Would like to know what some of the riders here think of this design and if they would be interested in this design.
    some info can be seen at e-bay item number 1860133706.If I start making these I will contact the site admin. to check on advertising for these. Thanks.
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    pics man, post the pics.

    and you got an impala? me too....63
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    a 94. Will never sell it. Best last design to come from GM......
    could allways buy junk mercury maruader But cant lower myself to buy a ford.

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    here are some pics.

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