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Thread: all day recording - feedback requested

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    all day recording - feedback requested

    I've already got a nice tankcam mount for my camcorder. But each miniDV tape only lasts about 1.25 hours, and each battery only lasts about 1.5 hours.
    When I'm on long trips, I have to decide which stretch of road I'm going to record because I can't record the whole day (sportbikewest for example). Which means I miss all the best stuff.

    I need a camera that can record to a hard drive.

    I like this pair - a separate camera and video recorder:

    An ipod would be great, except you need a 'thing' that is both a streaming video compressor and a usb host that connects between the camera and the ipod. I can't find any thing like that.

    A camcorder with a hard drive might work, but its more bulky on the camera end and more expensive.

    So what does everybody think of the twenty20 cam and archos video recorder pair? It doesn't have to be an archos - i've read some iffy reviews on their other models, but they're the only ones with 100gb drives.

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    digital camera with movie, set to lowest quality and get a microdrive.

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    you'll be stopping for breaks and gas probably around those times anyways. nothing wrong with having a spare tape and battery or two. every fillup, change tape and battery, continue on.

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