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    Please read

    May 12 2005 at 7:00pm on the 4th ave exit i ate it and crashed BIG TIME. It was most likely my lack of seat time and speed. I spent 3 weeks in a drug induced coma. I had broken alot of bones from my face to my arm, leg, foot and a ton of other shit. My lack of experience was a big reason why it got ugly for me. When i finally got healthy enough i was transfered to GF Strong rehab hospital. I have undergone a nerve replacement surgery last week and i am hopefull that i will have use of my arm once again. This post is not a feeling sorry for my self post. I am hopeing a new rider reads this and will think twice about being ricky roadrace on public streets. Every single day for the past nine months i have been in a ton of pain. If you really want to open your bike up please be very careful. I am not an idiot thinking that everyone obeys the speed limit, that is just too fn boring. If you want to better your skills there are two schools for just that. Please just think about it!

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    Great post Gregory. Hope you feel better soon and get the use of your arm again

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    Good share, hope that someone will learn from your horrific experience and not the hard way themselves. Best of wishes for your complete recovery.
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    A link to the other thread in General.....

    And my own thoughts....

    Riding is and should be a lot of fun. And when done within the rider's and the bike's limits it is relatively safe. But when you push to the edge of those limits there's room for rider error or just the fact that sometimes the road will push back. No one says you need to ride like a grandma but at least keep a healthy bit in reserve so you can deal with the unknown or your own misjudgements.

    A common saying in my model airplane flying is to always fly at least 2 mistakes high. We need something similar for our riding.

    If any of you want to learn how to approach the limits and pick up pointers on moving your limits up then sign up for ART courses with the West Coast Superbike School and/or come out to Boundry Bay this Spring. But if you do so then PLEASE do not use this new knowledge to just push that much harder out there. Use half of it to go faster and have more fun but keep the other half of what you learn to increase your safety margin. DON"T USE IT ALL UP! ! !
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