TT Racing Comes to Canada
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Thread: TT Racing Comes to Canada

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    TT Racing Comes to Canada

    Well who would have thought that the TT would becoming to Canada.

    Thats correct, those crazy Cape Breton folk have agreed to close their roads and let a TT be run in Early October.

    What is the Cape Breton Festival of Speed?

    Cape Breton Festival of Speed is a four day event that ?will provide competitive motorcycle racing on a challenging 52 kilometer circuit unlike any other in North America," said Maureen Carroll, Chair of the Cape Breton Festival of Speed. This event is the first ever for North America and will shine the spotlight on Cape Breton Island with an expected 15,000-20,000 riders, visitors and media from across the globe.

    The event is styled after the legendary Isle of Man TT, a true road course classic established in 1907. TT stands for Tourist Trophy and competitors from the Isle of Man will come to Nova Scotia for the event. Event organizers anticipate a large turnout as speed enthusiasts converge on Cape Breton, eager to see the true thrill of the open road."

    One of my partners has a summer home about 30 miles from the race but still on the River and he was laughing ( you all know the laugh, it was the laugh of a non rider thinking about all of those twisty roads)and how hard they will be to ride on quickly

    Apparently from my resident course expert on the long straight stretch " the bikes might get over 100 mph on it says Rob, ( It is a few miles long but I did not want to give him too much information to process) , before they have to slow down and stop at the stop sign

    Anyway, dust off you frequent flier points and head east young men and women. There is no hospitality quite like Maritime Hospitality. This might be a terrific opportunity for a ride to eat lobster, drink some local ales and watch the race.
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