bar end for 03 honda 600RR
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Thread: bar end for 03 honda 600RR

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    bar end for 03 honda 600RR

    my bar end came off WITH the screw ( # 11 and # 21) but it also snapped off part of the nut that holds the screw in. I'm thinking it's nmber 12 or number 10....

    do i need to take off the entire handle bar to slide those parts out?

    or shoudl i just bring it to a shop and get it done...

    any suggestions?
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    fuckin 600rr is prone to that. each time i've dumped my bike, the bar end has broken off the inner weight and i've had to replace it.

    #12 and 14 are rubber grommets that go around #10 which is a solid weight.
    #13 is a retaining clip that holds the weight inside the clip on.

    to remove the weight, peel back the grip. you'll see two holes at the end of the clip-on, one on the top and one on the bottom. use something to push into those two holes which will allow you to pull out the clip #13. from there, you'll be able to pull out the weight #10 and replace it. | PHOTOGRAPHY

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    MIne did that too... I managed to thread the bolt into the weight and then stuff it all the way in... left it like that for half a year... until I got around to ordering misc screws/wellnuts etc. ordered the inner weight as well... mine was clutch side so it didn't concern me as much(no moving parts)...
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    <raises hand> me 3 w/low-speed grind.

    Pair of needlenose could pull it out without all that biznatch. I threaded old screw into remaining threads to get a grip... then yarded it out.
    (Proper way is to follow neo's advice.) Mine was throttle side and it was simple.

    It's just friction-fitted in there w/rubber grommets.
    (Oh... a LITTLE dab of BLUE lock-tight on the replacement screw will keep it from backing out when the time comes.)

    If anyone has found a nice replacement bar-end, let me know. PM me even.
    (also if you have nice replacement for pegs...)
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