Riding in Lion City (Singapore)
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Thread: Riding in Lion City (Singapore)

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    Riding in Lion City (Singapore)

    So I had to fly out to Singapore on Monday and it's the first time I've been back in like 10 years. First thing I noticed was the number of sportbikes down here, LOTS!! Mostyl 400s (like Peach's) but I've seen some R1s and Fireblades too, even a Hayabusa! Lotta 'zuks too but I've yet to see any gixxers. It's hella expensive to buy a car here (a Honda Civic costs about $100K!!) so I guess that's why the rider/cager ratio is so high. Also traffic here is friggin craaazy and there are no laws against lane splitting (errr according to my cuz anyways). It's pretty much an "as long as it'll fit, you can go" mentality here, for bikes and scooters that is. Oh and gear?....Gear nazis would have a field day here cuz no one wears any! Bear in mind the average temp. here is 30-32*C year round PLUS the tropical humidity. But the way these guys ride in and out of traffic! I've seen ONE full face race helm so far, everyone else wears an open-face with a visor. And nobody wears gloves or boots. Mostly runners or flip flops. Well, I'm in the "its your skin so its your decision camp" so it's all good but I just think it's strange that NO ONE wears ANY gear at all. Maybe I haven't been here long enough. Gonna check out some shops to see what gear they have and for how much.
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    I guess it has a lot to do with the temperature.

    I don't know how the temperature is in the UK, but if you don't wear FULL gear over there, you'll get some strange looks.

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    LEATHERS ?? in Singapore ??

    don't get me wrong, i would never ever get on my bike unless wearing full jacket & jeans at the very minimum .. even my spyke jacket has detachable sleeves but i would never even think of taking them off .. i mean, what's the point that i save my shoulders & back but F##K up my arms beyond repair !?!

    i remember when i was in singapore & the minute i got out of the air-conditioned airport the air was so hot & humid (i think that day, it was about 40 degrees in the shade) .. it was crazy hot .. i was taking 4 showers a day cuz you would get out & go for a walk & after half hour, you would be wet & sticky from sweat ?!?

    i wouldn't even think of wearing tight heavy leathers on any given day in singapore ?? seriously could get heat exhaustion & or even heat stroke if it was a sunny day ..
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    Sounds like the perfect Supermoto country.
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