Someone did show intrest in these, but the deal fell thru. No hard feelings about it tho.

1st thing up for grabs is a Very rare mid 60's Kawasaki J1. There were les than 1000 brought into North America. And even fewer left now. You can refer to here for specs of item 6 and 7. This bike (the J1) is in good condition for how old it is. It runs, drives but needs a tune-up and to have the carb cleaned. Brakes all have lots of use left in them. Starts up within 2 kicks when cold but there is a minor electrical problem that causes it to cut out at random. Comes with original key for ignition (not electric start) and for steering lock. Headlight works but needs new bulb and tail light works. Speedometer works and so does N light. In the picture is has no cover on the left side, I did not have time to put it on. I do have it tho. Gas tank has some rust in it, would be good to clean out. Petcock and a broken handle, easy fix. Seat is in ok cond. Overall condition is good (considering its age) Asking $700

2nd item is another Kawasaki. This one is also mid 60's era but this one is a J1T, Even rarer than the other one. This one is just for parts and I will part it out if need-be. The engine is seized, There is not carb or right side cover for this one. I do have the left side cover but it is not on in the picture. The tank on this one is fairly rusted but can be cleaned out. Brakes, headlight and tail-light still work (tested with battery) there is no ignition key but has a toggle switch set up for that. Overall condition is ok Asking $500 for entire bike but will part out.

I want these things out of my hair. Make me an offer, any offer, just get them out. You can pick them up or for a small fee, I will bring them to you (withing Fraser Valley). Or you can arrange shipping. I would prefer to sell both at once, but I will split them up, and part out the 2nd one if there are no bites for the whole bike.