Fernando Alonso may have a future in MotoGP
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Thread: Fernando Alonso may have a future in MotoGP

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    Fernando Alonso may have a future in MotoGP

    From Superbike Planet.com:

    Possible Sign You've Had A Lobotomy ...
    car. guy.
    by dean adams
    Friday, February 17, 2006
    Formula One champ Fernando Alonso (perhaps just slightly jealous because of the attention paid to Val Rossi at the recent F1 test?) has spoken out about his MotoGP chances, telling the BBC regarding Val Rossi's chances in F1, "He might finish fifth or even get on the podium some time, but I could do the same on the bikes if I was given a bit of time to practice."

    I think all MotoGP fans will agree that while what Alonso has said may hint that he's had a lobotomy, at the same time it's actually actually quite true. He would podium in MotoGP if someone gave him a bit of time to practice (you know, fifteen minutes or so). He might even win.

    Just as long as the rest of the MotoGP grid were held in the pitlane at gunpoint.

    Pretty funny stuff. Schumacher's times on a MotoGP bike would get him lapped around every 6 laps, but Alonso could put it on the podium, with a little practice of course. I am quite sure that he will get invited to ride many bikes now just to shut him up.

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    Somehow I think he'll wind up eating those words down the road. Or eating a bunch of road trying to live up to them anyhow.

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    Do it! I've been waiting years to win the championship...

    With Alonso out, I'll just have to fight Montoya for it.

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    Ah. I believe Alonso could do it. I hate the guy and do not think he deserved the world championship. Raikkonen is a superior driver, Renault just had better luck with some of the rules. i.e. tyres limited to one set per race/qualifying and the degradation on the tyres. But, he is unbelievably talented at that, and young.

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    I hope someone gives him a set of leathers and a properly set-up bike so he can be forced to publicly retract his statements.
    What a tool.
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    F1 = 90% car, 10% driver.
    MotoGP = 90% rider, 10% bike.

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    What a stupid thing to say.

    I say, put up or shut up Alonso!
    Work sucks -- let's go riding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boost
    F1 = 90% car, 10% driver.
    MotoGP = 90% rider, 10% bike.
    Montoya and Raikkonen, same car but 60 points to 112 respectively
    Alonso and Fisichella, same car but 133 to 58 points respectively

    I agree you have to have a damn good car in current F1 to be a contender for wins, but drivers are still a big factor.

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