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Thread: General questions for the masters.

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    General questions for the masters.

    Hi, just bought my first bike a 1989 GSXR 400 so i got a few questions for the pros out there. The bike is in awesome condition and i want to keep it that way. Any suggestions in doing so? Couple questions concering, tires i heard should be check all the time, but how do i know what is the right pressure for my bike? Oil, i know since i haven't ride it at all over the winter i should change the oil, what brand should i get? Since iam new at this, i should bring it in to a bike shop for an oil change right?? Thanks for answering my questions and concerns.

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    Hi all,

    I hope it really is in awesome condition, as parts for a 17 year old Japanese market bike are likely to be a little hard to find. I'd have the engine's compression checked and ensure you're not dealing with a prettied up road toad.

    If all is well, change the oil twice a season or every 3500k. Oil is oil, don't buy the energy conserving 5W stuff, just change it alot; no engine ever died by that.
    Change the plugs once a year, set your pressures at 32 for aggressive cornering, as high as 40 for long highway drones, store the bike right, with drained carbs, stabilised gas, new oil and a batt trickle charger when not in use for more than a month. Do a valve adjustment now on the bike and subsequently every 15k or so. Learn to set chain tension on your bike and check it, clean it and lube it every couple weeks or after every hard ride.

    It's not a iron anvil G10 Chevy van but, bikes are far more durable than people think. More regular maintenance is just a sign of the more stressed environment; not a sign of inherent flimsiness or delicacy.

    Lastly, buy the best gear you can, learn to ride slow, don't test your limits if you're new, because they are really low, and let the temperature warm up a bit more before you get really started.


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    That's a grey import, isn't it? The other thing you'll need to do is check the previous owner's service history to see if they changed out the other rubber bits that cause problems.

    Seals, brake hoses, oil cooler lines, etc. And see if they ever did a valve clearance check/adjustment. A lot of people don't bother because it's hard to find the right specs for a greymarket bike, but it needs to be done on a semi-regular basis, depending on the valve train design (screw&locknut every 5-10,000k, shim over bucket every 10-15,000k, shim under bucket every 15-20,000k, or thereabouts. Find an owner's manual.)

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    Thanks for the advices! Sorry had a typeO acually its' a 1988bike!

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