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    Safety Ad

    A 1 minute film from the UK, shown in 1978. Can't understand why we don't have these.


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    Interesting ad. Is there an organization that takes responsibility to run motorbike safety ads or is it left to the mercy of the i.c.b.c execs and their budget?

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    Yeah, they should do more public safety announcements for motorcycle awareness. I know they have motorcycle awareness month in May, but frankly that is a couple months too late in Vancouver. They should start hammering the public to watch for bikes starting in March.

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    well that is the uk... they acutally have that kinda stuff for them

    not out here though...
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    That's awsome. I'd love to raise awareness through an ad like this.
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    Hmm, very nifty. they should somehow put this on as a regular commercial, its pretty important for people to know that a bike is 3 times harder to see then a car

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    why not email it to a local tv station and see if they will run it

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    None right now...
    Send it to Squire Barnes on Global and see if he'll run it in Satellite Debris on Fridays. I know a lot of people who tune into the news on Friday just to watch that segment.

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    The Brit's do a great deal on motorcycle safety because there are more bikes on the road, all the time. In North America, we use bikes as toys but in Europe, they are a legitimate alternative to a car.
    Looking back over the last number of bike accident posts, most were single vehicle accidents. If most motorcycle accidents are single vehicle, it may be more logical for ICBC to jump the insurance rates than run ads against something that does not happen as much.
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    I emailed BCCOM and they said they are working with ICBC on a motorcycle safety campaign. Don't know what this includes but I'll ask.

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