I have a dream.....
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Thread: I have a dream.....

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    I have a dream.....

    Fellow BCSB members...I would like that we can have a BCSB group go out for the 2003 Canadian national race at Race City in Calgary.


    Who is with me ? who would like to do a Canadian National Race next year in the novice or whatever category you fit in ?

    John ?
    Derek ?
    Bruce ?
    Tchan ?
    kit ?
    Bieu ?
    Harp ?
    jumpy ?
    Gork ?
    ...who else is a racer ?
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    ..............jumpy and gork?.
    Human,do you have an accent?. .

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    Wow...never been put in a list with some other actual "racers".

    Farhad, I would be down...but it would be a money and time thing, closer to the actual event. By early next spring, if all goes to plan....I will certainly join you guys. Also, I'll have to see what school is like around that time.
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    Thanx. but no thanx. I rather do the AMA nationals next year, after my bitter experience in Laguna when both my motors expired during qualifying. I think i should be able to hang with the end of the pack for a while... =)

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    oh, and besides, I think you might want to consider doing some more club races like in Seattle or Portland first before doing the Nationals. I have never done the Canadian one but the AMA ones are a different league. If you are too slow you will be yelled at or fingered. Qualifying is a challenge in itself if you have never seen the track. There are professionals and semi-professionals out ther doing business, so your mind set is very important. At least a year or two of club racing i think is definitely necessary before going nationals. And i am not even sure if they have "novice" class there...

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