want to earn some extra cash when riding?
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Thread: want to earn some extra cash when riding?

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    forza crono

    want to earn some extra cash when riding?

    Forza Crono is looking to recruit a group of Street Team riders who will help represent Forza and help spread information about the store and products in the form of a street team.

    Team members will be able to purchase Clover products at cost. Once they have purchased the Clover product of their choice. They will go out in small groups and try to find other riders in which they can talk to and spread the word on Clover products.

    For every referred sale, riders will receive a 10% commission for the referral.

    If interested, please contact Jackie for more details



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    forza crono
    Forza Crono is still looking for more riders to add to our team.
    If interested, please send a breif description of how you are involved in the local motorcycling community to Jackie at jackiecheung@crono-motors.com.

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