Hey everyone my buddy is sellin his pb gun kit, it was used regulary for 1 summer and hasn't been used much since, he spent about $800 on all of the gear new and is lookin for $350 obo for it all, It was regularly cleaned and oiled.

pics below with list of items.

The kit includes:
- Spyder E99 Paintball Marker with Stock Barrel
- Pure Energy 12oz Co2 Tank
- 150 Round Ricochet Ak Electronic Agitator Hopper
- Clear Vertical Elbow
- 200 Round Stock Hopper
- Barrel Plug
- JT NVader mask
- Pull Through Squeegee
- Oil, tools, original owners manual, and a nifty carrying case.

Could also toss in a few pods or even a remote coil or pod pack for a bit more cash.

thanks eh!

- Phil