Hey folks, just a bit of a neat idea that I'm working on that I wanted to get the word out. I volunteer with the Richmond Poverty Response committee, an organization of agencies and individuals that tries to address issues of poverty in the Richmond community. One of the most common question that we have is, 'I have something that is still in good shape, how can I donate it to someone who could use it?' So we came up with the idea of a website where you can post up stuff that you want to donate. Here's how it works. When you post up an item (sofa, vcr, table, etc.), your item and description is open to public but your contact information is not. Only registered organizations and agencies that work with low-income or needy residents have access to that contact information. This is a small measure that we've put in so that we can ensure that the recipients are needy residents of Richmond. This is our unique focus, there are other freecycle or recycle exchange sites out there and it's all good but ours is specifically targetted for our work.

So help us get the word out, it's really easy to post up. Visit www.richmondshares.bc.ca. Any comments, feedback and ideas welcomed.