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    The filthyest one of the bunch.

    Hats off to you

    I was just browsing the site and before leaving, as usual, checked out the "Drool" section...

    Oh MY?

    So, I just wanted to say, Thank you.
    God bless you, the bike you ride, your dog, your parents and your kids and any other thought that may pass through your head.
    Seriously man, Hats off to whom ever is managing that section and what the F**k, I'll say it. God bless the air you breathe.
    You've updated the... we'll call them "images", with some real nice ones, while keeping the timeless classics in jerkul, sorry… Circulation.

    “My personal fav’ page 18 image 2002 02 11”

    Brother, should we ever meet at the Squish Starbucks, please allow me to purchase coffee drink of your choice and we’ll drink a toast “bottoms up!” and perhaps break into song and dance to your exquisite taste and keen eye for the finest dreams of man kind.


    The DJ

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    geezsh, did you just get out of jail, need a kleenex?

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    Hey Paul, I thought with all that eye candy at all the clubs you're spinning, that you would be satisfied!!
    Back in BC, yay!!!
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    Some better stuff now. He had his weak period for a while there but it's all good again after a little bashing.
    Flowbie- Mellowing with age...

    Stolen from Atom:
    Being a road crayon sucks....put your gear between you and the pavement.

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    yes yes... it is a good area to goto, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by bozo
    geezsh, did you just get out of jail, need a kleenex?

    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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