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    Bike Paint

    Does anyone have any suggestions for buying OEM paint? I have a Honda CBR that I'm trying to match paint for and nobody seems to have any paint specs. I suppose I could buy from Honda, but they're always really over priced.

    Any suggestions?

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    japanese bikes dont come with paint codes .(edit -they have codes ,but they dont translate to PPg or RM or dupont or anything) .dumb,stupid and silly ,,,you can go to color but they dont give you codes they have thier own codes and you have to buy thier paint .Take it to lordco and get them to do a digital match .even of the paint is a 100% match you still have to spray it the same way as the factory to make it match,so depending in air pressure ,mix ratio and the moon being in the 7th house (lol) its a crap shoot .Even OEM car paint especially mettalics is tricky to make it 100% match ,if its blended ,like from a door to quarter panle or on a bike a side to the upper etc. you can make it seemless >even stock body panels can be off slight shades becasue they paint each piece seperate ,and pick from the pile of sides or uppers and it may be off ,,not obvious and maybe not even noticeable but its there.

    Try lordco ,or pacific ENDURA in surrey,they wil do spray out cards (spray a bunch of times to get it a visual match ) but its not cheap to get em to do spray cards . good luck

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    Are you painting it yourself, or just looking for a painter? There was a guy out in Steveston who taught at BCIT, and did paint on the side, repairs for Honda dealers and all. He had a partner who worked for BASF so between them they could mix up just about any colour match.

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    I have had a hard time trying to match paint. I used the digital match at lordco but it couldn't read the white on my Gsxr. I used the paint chips in there book and it was as close as its going to get. Color rite is pricey used them for matching paint with our golf carts and was something like $25 for one spray bomb. NFW.

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