Oh God Kawasaki Sponsors Nascrap
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Thread: Oh God Kawasaki Sponsors Nascrap

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    Oh God Kawasaki Sponsors Nascrap

    well pureevil your fantasy KAWI diss has come true

    TUrned on SPEED ,and nascar race today is being sponsored by KAWASAKI ,,no lie
    what in the HELL ??? kawi is ever so quickly becoming BUELL.

    now i know why kawi is going downhill they have nasgoofs on the design floor
    ruined the zx10r ,14r is hideous ,still make a shitty looking 600 (at least from the tank back ) dont make me trade in my green for something else you idiots .

    im gonna keep this up for KAWI till they stop fuking around !

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    in other news...

    kawasaki is making helicopters.

    this is enough to make me stop flying. kawi = junk even in mid air.

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    whatever a plant system is, they make those too!


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    ewwwwwww.......why oh why would Kawi have anything to do with Nascar. Are those hillbillies finally starting to give the metric cruisers some respect?

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    Because hillbillies luv 4 wheeler ATV's with gun racks that come standard and Kawi makes those too.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeTee
    Because hillbillies luv 4 wheeler ATV's with gun racks that come standard and Kawi makes those too.....
    This is true. Plus Nascar is a huge money maker, regardless of your opinion on Nascar, its fact.

    Im going to buy a Kawasaki one day and its going to be the ultimate flame fest. HAHAHAHA I cant wait.
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    I heard Kawasaki was making poo flavoured ice cream

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    makes me think about someday buying a Suzuki.
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    I've been reading this forums, what's up with all the Kawasaki hating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by made Man
    I've been reading this forums, what's up with all the Kawasaki hating?
    It's called Kawasaki HEAVY Industries for a reason.... mainly cause Kawi = heavy junk
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    I don't think a guy with a 22 year old Honda should be calling anyone else's bike JUNK. Do you?

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    Hate the sport, not the game.
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    bad, m'kay?
    Thats all right...my favourity car maker Toyota is already there so I am not reeling from shock
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    Motorcycles are actually just a small venture compared to other industries Kawasaki has it's hands in.

    And let's all be honest. Kawasaki's are just as good as any of the other big four.

    I'm kinda distainful of all this Kawi=Junk bullshit. Especially with Burnaby Kawasaki being a big part of our m/c community and a single brand dealership. I can only guess that newbies would be heavily influenced by a bunch of insider-joking.

    Personal opinions are fine, but this mainstream Kawi bashing has been taken too far.

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