How much does this f**king rule?!!!!!
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Thread: How much does this f**king rule?!!!!!

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    How much does this f**king rule?!!!!!

    Be sure to click the video.

    This kid's a total inspiration.

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    Wasn't that an awesome story?!?!!!

    One observation though... Did anyone notice how, uummm, well, "strange" looking all the people they interviewed were ??? Looked like they came from a "small town" COMMUNity if you know what I mean... hehehe

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    I saw the highlights on espn...the kid was definatly on fire! definatly on fire...definatly
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    he was sooo cool..
    man..even regular kids can't score that much ....
    waht a great story
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    I saw that news story on CTV last Friday. Nearly brought a tear to the eye.
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    and the movie rights have already been sold.

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    Just getting caught up cause I haven't been online since last week....

    That's fekking awesome! I couldn't help but smile at that
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