1985 Honda cr80 specs??
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Thread: 1985 Honda cr80 specs??

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    1985 Honda cr80 specs??

    G'day all,
    Just looking for specs for a bike I bought. I have been told it is a 1985 Honda cr80 and it has the chassis number of jh2he0408fk203026.

    Does anyone have a good site for specs for these bikes.

    I have had to repair and replace some of the parts that were not original and i can't seem to find any useful sites on the net to help me set this up properly.

    Another problem I have is that fuel runs out of the overflow tube constantly regardless of the float setting.

    My other bike is a 1989 FJ 1200 Yamaha and I would be interested in chatting with anyone else wiith the same typa of bike.


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    Take the Carb off, OPEN it and clean it out. It's gonna have gum from old gas in it. DO NOT try to run the bike until you do this. You'll find the float probably full of fuel, and the needle is probably degraded... Without these 2 things working properly, you'll never get the bike to run correctly.

    As for specs, try looking for an online parts fishe.. it might not be specs, but it'll show you how things go together.


    Try this:

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    You will most likely need to replace the needle and seat, this is the valve that the floats operate, you should also check to see if the floats have fuel in them, you should be able to give it a shake, once you have removed it from the carb, and listen for sloshing. If there is fuel in the float then it needs replacement as well.

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