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    fu manchu


    What should be the average milage you get out off your tires?

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    It is extremely variable:
    -what tires?
    -what pressures?
    -what road surfaces?
    -what temperature?
    -which bike?
    -how does the rider ride?
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    fu manchu
    I know pretty vague question.My manual tells me 2mm(under 130km)3mm(over130Km) as far as minimun tread depth,wondering witch part of the tread do you measure?Where the most were is?...I looked at some of the review which helps as far as quality.I think I"m due and oviously this is something not to be taken lightly so i guess I willl start doing my homework..........going to saddle up pretty quick.... can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The mileage will vary with all riders, but would I be wrong to say that most will wear the tread down till its flat in the middle? At least this is what I have always done. Milk the tires for every km I can.
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    You still haven't touched on which tire you run.

    If you no longer trust your tires, change them. One of the most important things you have going for you is trust in your tires. When the smelly stuff hits the spinning blades, if you don't trust your tires & setup you're going to f*ck it up for sure.

    Just my $0.02

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    For simply riding around you can run the tires until the cords show and still be reasonably safe. But if you ride the bike even remotley like a sportbike should be ridden then you should change the tires when they get down to that 2 or 3 mm left. And besides, by the time the tread is down to 2 mm at the center the tires will be making the bike feel like crap. Odd turn in pressures that shift all over the place through the grips depending on angle as you ride up onto and over the edge of that flat band in the middle of the tire.

    I typically change my tires well before they reach the tread depth limits just because I can't stand how the flat spot makes the bike feel like poo. I'll stand for it up to a point but then I get new ones fairly early.... usually during the Fall tire sales at the shops....

    Typically for a sport bike super sport rubber compound I get around 10 to 12K. But on the streets I'm sporty but only to a point where some riders would call me a wuss for much of my riding. But I'm a wuss that gets home in one piece.
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    5-6000 km...depends on how many wheelies that are done!!!!!

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