2003 Honda CBR600RR color schemes?
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Thread: 2003 Honda CBR600RR color schemes?

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    2003 Honda CBR600RR color schemes?

    Because the Canadian Honda website sucks (haven't released ANY 2003 models yet), does anyone know if Honda Canada will release the European color schemes (red, yellow, and black) for the cbr600rr or the US color schemes (red, yellow). What is up with North America getting jacked on choice! We invented the word "choice"!!!! North America is slow to get the cool little cell phones that are all over Asia and Europe and we always get one or two less color choices when it comes to sportbikes (ie. the new r6 and cbr600rr). I'm hoping that Canada gets different color schemes than the US--like what happened with the 2002 gsx-r 600 blue and silver...Being one of the biggest if not the biggest sportbike market in world should entitle us to MORE CHOICE!

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    I've never looked at the difference in colour offerings between Canada and the US with other Honda models, but for several years we've had a much greater selection of colour in the VFR range. For example, Canucks could order their Viffers in silver, black, or red, but the Americans could get any colour...as long as it's red. Has it been a similar situation for the CBR's?

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    In recent years, the CBR colors have been shared between the two countries. Gosh...What is up with the Canadian website! It's still not updated! GRRRR...And they took the new CBR600RR off of the American website!!! Man, I'm moving to Europe.

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    The states is getting the Red, the Yellow, which I think should have wings, and the black. The black would look good with silver wings as well, but what do I know. I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that we get exactly the same colours as the US. I doubt we'll get more and for the last couple of years, the CBR line has been the same on both sides of the 49th parallel.

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    Honda began using the SAME colours in Canada and the US in 2001, so anything newer than that and you will get the same colour. 2000 was the last year we got the 'Euro' colours.

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