Suggestions for private restaurant/party room?
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Thread: Suggestions for private restaurant/party room?

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    Suggestions for private restaurant/party room?

    i'm hosting a stag... (this weekend, yikes) and need a good venue for food/drink and hopefully some type of private room where we can hang out, eat, get liquored up and enjoy the evening before going out on the town (read: strippers).

    anyone know a good place? doesn't have to be super private and we do have some $ to book the room if needed... also the food is secondary... i heard the new earl's @ paramount had a great room up top... but it's booked. damn!

    so, suggestions please?

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    I went to a stag last summer and we went to (sow-here-ohs). I have no idea how to spell it so there it is phonetically. It is on Granville street and 14th Ave. It is a loud place so you dont have to worry about being too rowdy. The all you can eat is a good deal and you get to cook your own food. It was a blast. A great way to get a good meal in before the night of partying.

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    You can always get a penthouse in DT Van. All i can say is that i barely remember my grad afterparty
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