taking bikes across US. CAN borders?
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Thread: taking bikes across US. CAN borders?

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    taking bikes across US. CAN borders?

    I was thinking about rounding up some freinds in july or august for a ride to Canada since most of us havent been there. Does anyone know what we have to do to be legal to enter Canada on our bikes? Toronto is kinda close to us so maybe a ride there. If anyone would like to sugest a date we would love to meet up with as many riders as possible. But if anyone can help let us know what we have to do to be able to ride our bikes across the Canadian border let me know and if its not too much hassel Ill start planing a ride to Toronto.

    P.S. Thanks for any help on this matter!

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    OH by the way we'll be coming from the Chicago area.

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    add snow tires. remove gun racks.
    if you've been across in a car, it's the same deal for a bike.

    geography lesson: we are about 2000 miles west of you. chances are slim of a big meet.

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    yeah..dont bring guns..lol
    get a passport...

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    driver's license. bikes registered in your own name. don't bring your guns. don't bring fruit or meat. a felony record can make it difficult. presenting a passport makes things run a bit smoother but it's not necessary for entering Canada as a U.S. citizen. Be prepared to show your ID.

    Here are the questions you'll get asked at stage 1 (roadside):

    Where do you live?
    What is your citizenship?
    Where are you travelling to?
    How long will you be in Canada?
    Are you the registered owner of your vehicle?
    Do you have any firearms with you?
    Do you have any tobacco or alchohol?
    Do you have any fruits or meats?
    What is the value of any gifts you're bringing into Canada?

    Be prepared to answer these questions politely and without hesitation. Bringing in firearms, alchohol, tobacco, certain food products, having been in proximity of a farm within the last 6 weeks, entering without proper ID, not being able to prove permanent residence in your home country, not being able to prove permanent employment in your country, bringing in items of high value as a gift or monies over $10,000 or plans to stay in Canada for longer than 6 months without a work permit or visa will cause you to proceede to a stage 2 interview (park your vehicle, step inside the customs office).

    Stage 2 is when they yank you inside and stick a finger up your ass. You want to avoid stage 2.

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    ^ depends on the time of day and what brand of gum she/he chews. Its not THAT bad.

    General questions will be asked, no guns or drugs of course.

    Where are you planning on crossing the border? The speed limit in Canada is generally 90 kph on the highways, probably better to stay in the US as much as possible. Riding in Toronto isnt all that great, staying in the outlying areas is where the best rides are.

    Try finding a Toronto area sportbike club, we are from the west coast (North of Seattle).

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    Watch out for dogsleds... those guys are just plain ruthless when they get on the road.

    Oh! Our igloos melt in the spring so we can build wooden huts so the road is flooded march / april.

    Just playin with ya

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    cool thanks for the input and Ive been by Canada in seatle we were going to go there when I was in seatle but then we got to drinking and lost motivation. lol but thanks for the input.

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    hey 1 more question what about rocket propeled granades? are those ok? j/k thanks

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    Sure are. We use them ourselves to ward off Abominable Snowmen that attack from the north......
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    If you wanna ride some good roads head west..... all the way west until there is no more land. Toronto your going to get stuck in freeway traffic... something your probably already doing in Chicago.

    I love Chicago I've had some great times there.
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    Uh, you even stop and talk to the tax collectors at the border?

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    get yourself some + health insurance just incase

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    Don't forget to hit the button on the bikes to switch to our metric system. 90kmph is not even remotely the same as 90mph.

    Enjoy your trip and have a safe ride!

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    I love being a Canadian citizen coming BACK into Canada. Oh god, it is priceless. They don't ask me anything, I don't even present my ID usually. It's sort of freaky to be honest, lol!

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