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    I recently had the opportunity to purchase a car from Brown Bros. Ford. My wifes car is a lease and goes back in Nov. and we have been looking for a while for a Mustang for her. To make a long, frustrating and annoying story short, I have purchased several cars from dealerships in the past and never have I seen such an uneducated, unprofessional, uncourteous and positively annoying dealership in my life. I dont usually "bash" any buisiness unless there is a good reason. I won't go into detail 'cause it would take all night to type them out. I pass this on to all of you in hopes that,

    (1)you never have to go there
    (2)if you have delt there, to know how was your experience?
    (3)if you work there,tell your sales dept. to get their shit together

    Buying a car from a dealer is bad enough without having to deal with assholes.

    Take it or leave it.....
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