Phillip Island WSBK This Weekend!!
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Thread: Phillip Island WSBK This Weekend!!

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    Phillip Island WSBK This Weekend!!

    Should be a good one, as MotoGP refugee Barros looks set to join the battle up front.

    Friday Qualifying:

    1. Troy Bayliss (Ducati) 1:33.387

    2. Alex Barros (Honda) 1:33.790

    3. James Toseland (Honda) 1:33.851

    4. Troy Corser (Suzuki) 1:33.868

    5. Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki) 1:34.461

    6. Steve Martin (Petronas) 1:34.501

    7. Nori Haga (Yamaha) 1:34.577

    8. Chris Walker (Kawasaki) 1:34.589

    9. Pierfrancesco Chili (Honda) 1:34.601

    10. Fonsi Nieto (Kawasaki) 1:34.618
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    Qattar was certainly more exciting.

    Race 1 looked like it was going to be a boring walkaway but ended up with a decent finish.

    Race 2 - that was a scary highside by TC especially with all the following traffic. I thought Barros did an increible job of 1) not crashing and 2) just grazing Corser rather than running him over. Corser did a pretty good job of life preservation as well after a fairly good strike to the head.

    I love those british announcers and their enthusiasm but why are they always going on about Walker & Muggeridge who always seem to be at best, mid pack?

    It's interesting to see how Ducati has managed to work out it's traction control compared to the Hondas & Suzukis as they slide into and burn out of each corner.

    I hope I didn't spoil things for anyone, Corser didn't win in race 2, someone else did!

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    corser was busy poppin t3's to work on his head trauma .lol

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