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    When entering an intersection...

    People, just a gentle reminder, when entering any intersection, cover your brakes, slow down and choose the best lane position to be visible.

    Almost got into a wreck this morning riding into work. My fault for not being more attentive than I should have been, but looking back I think really only 1 thing prevented an accident. Speed... Or I should say lack of excessive speed. I wasn't going too fast, only a tad faster than flow of traffic. I was going straight through an intersection, when an oncoming car decided to turn left in front of me, he probably didn't see me since there was an SUV that was waiting to turn left going the same direction as I am which probably blocked his view of me. Anyway, he slams on his brakes as soon as he notices me, I hit my brakes, but since it was cold, and the tires were still cold, I sorta wiggled around a bit, but thank God I managed to steer around and avoided his front bumper by about a foot, and rode through. I think if he or I were going any faster, an accident would have been unavoidable.

    So, lesson learned... Stay alert out there poeple, especially when entering intersections. Cover your brakes, and watch your speed. It might save you from a wreck. It did me.

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    Last week this happened to me in Victoria but I wasn't so lucky. Right as I entered the intersection the oncoming car shot out in a left turn infront of me. All I had time to do was stand up so I would go over the car and not through it. The bike hit the back half of the car and I went flying over the car and landed on my upper back. The driver was a 66 year old who obviously can't see more than 10 feet infront of her (highbeams, 8000k piaa bulbs). Either that or she didn't even fucking look. I remember coming up to the intersection and seeing the car sitting still in the left turn lane, then all of a sudden it just went. Bike is written off but I am extremely lucky to be fine.

    From now on I will never turn off my highbeams in the day, and will flash them repeatedly through intersections. It is a good idea to slow down for intersections, but if you slow down too much you risk getting rear-ended as cars are not expecting it, so make sure you flash the hell out of your brake lights. And ALWAYS cover your brakes and be ready for the worst.

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    Yeah it's tough in the morning to be fully alert after dragging your ass outta bed and then hopping on to two wheels. I had a few close calls just from being groggy and not being fully aware. Now I get up 15 mins earlier and have a cold shower, a coffee and a smoke to get the juices flowin. Stay alert peeps. Be safe and don't get too comfortable because that's when you let your guard down.
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    No need to flash highbeams, some ppl might interpret that as a go signal for them. Get a headlight modulator instead which cycles 2x/second. Worked great for me.

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    Especially when the sun is low, and at your back, the car facing you wont see you very good at all!

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    Some good points in this thread and good reminders.

    Couple of things: 1) If I feel it necessary I turn on my highbeams (and leave them on) going into an intersection. NO flashing.
    2) Couldn't agree more about the sun. If you are riding to work in the am with the sun being so low, cars going east are probably blinded. Reverse that when going home.

    I try to ride at 70% or less of my summer speeds. That gives me more time to react.

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    I usually try to go through intersections with a car beside me, at least the oncoming vehicles wiil see the car if they don't see me.
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