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Thread: Riding habbit Question...

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    Question Riding habbit Question...

    When you ride, regardless if your destination is planned or not, do you pick a route and stick to it? In other words, would you take a busier route that you know well, or would you venture along an unfamiliar path that wasn't as busy.
    Last year I made a really positive effort to plan my routes regardless of the destination to limit the chances of mistakes behind the bars, and allow me to focus on the road and my surroundings.
    I'm curious what habbits you make an effort to do when you ride?

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    I usually find the best stuff when I'm totally lost. Makes travelling much more interesting to just check out random roads.
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    I really enjoy going off early in the morning and just exploring backroads where I've never been. I wonder if a GPS would be helpful with that sort of thing?

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    The vast majority of the time I plan my route. If it's in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, I generally just take a general heading and use whatever road looks appealing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider
    The vast majority of the time I plan my route. If it's in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, I generally just take a general heading and use whatever road looks appealing.

    Ditto that
    I do the exact same thing, I just pick roads that seem to headding in the general direction I am looking for.

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    I try to stay away from areas that have streets lined with stores... just the ones that carry higher speeds. Eg. Kingsway Metrotown area, Hastings in BBy, Broadway, some parts of 4th.
    There's too much going on, too many people not paying attention, it's way too much for one riders brain to focus on everything and have to compensate for unattentive cagers, oh and I'm also too tempted to weave in and out of traffic.
    Robson St. and places like that the traffic is sooo slow it's not a problem. Usually if theres a more direct route... hwy, 1st st, 12th etc, with less stores infront and less traffic lights then I'll take those routes cause it's faster and safer IMHO

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    I enjoy getting lost as well. I find the best roads then.

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    haha I have to plan all my routes since I don't have an inkling on how to get anywhere :P I have no sense of direction so once I get lost.. I could be heading anywhere. I'm the only person I know who ended up on the highway to seattle after getting lost going from Burnaby to Burnaby :P
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    If I'm commuting to work/home or if a I have a destination I'm expected to reach at a certain time, I take the road I know the best.
    However, if I have the whole day and no where to go, I follow Robert Frost; "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, being of sound mind, took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference/"
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    planned route ... hmmmm .... nope just where ever my front tire points.isnt that the whole point in riding ..... to not have a destination and just get out and ride. i may plan a direction (north, south, east, west) actually skip the south ..LOL different story

    As for saftey .... wear the gear, and carry a cell phone if you ride alone

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    I spend alot of time following roads from Destination Highways so much of my rides are planned.
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    If its a afternoon/evening hop, I will just go where the bike takes me.

    If its an all day ride with a destination in mind, I will usually stick pretty close to the main roads, deviating if I have a map to follow with.

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    If I'm commuting in the city, I usually sorta plan the most efficient route with the least traffic, but am always open to altering my path (read: rat racer). Sometimes if I'm just toodling around, I pick a general destination, but never quite know how I'm gonna get there, and sometimes I just head out without knowing where I'll end up.
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    hrmm ... you are missing a response "Val_0 plans them for me..."

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    I sometimes just see where untravelled roads lead me, but if I am going far, I have a rough plan. I try and stop and see something cool, or spend a relaxing lunch checking something out. Other than a speeding ticket that is!
    There's still a hundred things around here for me to see, and this summer I plan to cross a few off the list. BC Mining Museum is up there.
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