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    Fs: 1988 Ysr 50

    It's been a wicked ride, and a terrific project, but I've got a mortgage, fiancee and a developing business plan, so my toy has to go.

    The bike itself is a 1988 model year YSR 50. It has about 5700 original kms. There are about 120kms on a fresh top end, and thoroughly cleaned carb with carbon reeds as well. The gas tank has just been de-rusted and epoxy coated for years of trouble free riding. Also included is a 20mm Mikuni round slide carb. It's currently installed, and has only seen about 25kms. It makes a good deal more power than stock. The bike will hit 100km/h at the rev limiter. With a different cog, you could probably scrape a bit more out of it.

    It's mostly stock, but as mentioned, I've added carbon reeds, a K&N filter, and the mikuni carb kit. I still have the stock steel reeds, as well as some spares in both steel and carbon. I've also got the original intake assembly if you want a quieter ride. There is a parts and service manual on CD that will be included as well. I've got some miscellaneous nuts and bolts that will come with the bike as well. Most are engine related, as I added a stainless steel allen bolt kit to the engine for looks and ease of service.

    I've adjusted the tail light to accomodate an aftermarket 2001 GSXR style tail section. Also, the front turn signals are aftermarket units, much smaller than stock.

    The bike is freshly painted T2 flat black.

    In short, this bike kicks ass. It's quite rare, especially with some of the mods on it now. It will run smoothly all the way up to about 90km/h, and with some patience, you can scrape 100 out of it. Fuel economy is great: about 500kms per 6 litre tank around town, and that's with it being ridden somewhat hard. It will start conversations everywhere you go, and help you meet all kinds of cool people. Everywhere I park it, somebody has a story about a friends cousin who had one when they were in college. It's pretty cool.

    As it sits, I will let the bike go at $2650 , keeping in mind I'm now into the bike for about $3550, I think this is a fair price. If you want the just the stock carb, I'll sell it for a bit less.

    These pics are pretty accurate, though the tail light now sits up under the tail section, allowing for proper plate mounting and an all around cleaner look.

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    Black SC2
    Bump for a great spring toy. Open to reasonable offers.

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    Black SC2
    $2450? Open to offers, need to pay some bills.

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