Need Help with Kawasaki Rivet Screws
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Thread: Need Help with Kawasaki Rivet Screws

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    Need Help with Kawasaki Rivet Screws

    There are three rivets attaching the seat cover on each side of the undertail of my 636 that Kawasaki refers to as 'rivet screws' in their manual.
    Does anyone know how to remove these without destroying them?
    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Here's a picture of the back two 'rivet screws"

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    you use a little screw driver and push the middle in.
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    Push it in!!
    Shoot, i didn't think of that, i was trying to get the pin out!
    I'm going to try that right now... i hope it works, beacuse i accidentally unscrewed the rear seat lock, which i can't reassemble without taking off the 'seat cover'!!
    Thanks a ton!

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    Wow! That worked!
    Now i just need to know how to get rid of this thread so that everyone doesn't see what a newby i am!!

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    Yep, they push in and once you remove them you push them back out so the stick out past flush. Only when they are flush do they lock. So remove them and reset the pins for install, insert the whole fastener and then push the pins in flush to lock.
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