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    ready to strike a match to it

    I have a 95 cbr600 f3.i can ride for a while and then it bogs out like it is running out of gas .Iput a new fuel pump on it because a freind told me that the relay was going bad .with the new one on i rode for about 150 miles and now its doing the same thing anyone have a suggestion any input would help

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    We've replaced alot of needle and seats on those bikes recently, next time it fails crack a drain screw on the bottom of the carb , if there's fuel it could be flooding. If not it's fuel delivery problem

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    Check the vents in your tank, could be pulling a vacuum-next time it does it, lift up the fuel filler cap-if you here a big ppsshhhhhhh, thats your problem. Did you replace the fuel filter? Is the tank full of crud, they have a little filter in the tank and it could be plugged up.
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    Your problem sounds just like what happened to me when rain put some water in my track bike's catch can and plugged the tank vent. There's a hose under the tank for this vent and odds are it's pinched.

    Your first problem may well have been the pump (although given that my F2 has none I'm surprised that the F3 has a pump) but this time I'll bet it's a pinched tank vent line. If it doesn't seem to be pinched then check the end of the tubing down below the swingarm pivot. THe pivot may be pinching it when you're on the bike if it wandered over to the wrong place. Or perhaps there's a wad of guck on the end of the line from something.

    From there check that your petcock flows fuel. Unhook the fuel line from the petcock and connect a longer scrap of tubing to the nipple and run it into a jar. At the same time pull off the vacuum line from the connector manifold of the #1 carb.

    Draw some suction on the vacuum line with your mouth and see if the gas flows easily from the other line into the jar. It should run fast enough to put a 1/2 liter into the jar in about 20 to 30 seconds. If not then your petcock is busted or plugged.

    If all this checks out then It's in your carb's like Bill is suggesting. But the fact that it runs OK for the first few minutes makes me think it's just not getting out of the tank fast enough.
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