Non priming fuel pump 02 F4i???
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Thread: Non priming fuel pump 02 F4i???

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    Non priming fuel pump 02 F4i???

    I went to lunch on it with no problem then i tried to start it after that and nothing it just keeps turning over. When i hit the fuel switch the pump doesnt prime or anything. I checked all fuses under the seat and there all fine the display has the left blinker staying on and the high beam light and the red light next to the left blinker is on. No matter if i switch the highs on or off the light stays on same thing with the blinker. Any ideas what can be causing this? I just rode it fine nothing but a lil 2nd gear 1 foot wheelie was the only thing i did. I checked the tip over sensor and thats not it. Headlights dont turn on either but the taillights work fine. The left rear blinker is stuck on but not the front one. It sounds like a short but where would i start looking?
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