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    Biker Fou de Quebec

    Hey guys and girls!

    Check out my web blog:

    I have a few videos on there and pics. also added pics of the 2006
    Montreal bike show from Feb.

    Sorry no pics of hot umbrella girls, they were always mobbed by
    too many horny guys!
    Ha! Ha!


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    Flieger sind Sieger! Array
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    Denis, you have to like the chick with the 1200R, nice boots....

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    West Koots, I'm here.... Array flyfishinwoman's Avatar
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    Haha Vince, you sure have a boot fetish!! Good to hear from you Denis, find any good twisty roads over there?
    Back in BC, yay!!!
    2010 Yamaha Vstar 950
    250 Saga Dual-sport
    AC quad
    BCSB #712
    WMRC #747 (2005)

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    I know eh,

    Hey Vince,

    I know eh, hot girls and boots.
    What a combo!

    Hey Janet,

    Haven't had a chance to discover any in Montreal yet, I only
    relocated here back in November last year.
    Plus the bike is still in storage, probably will not be out until April sometime.
    Depending if we get another unexpected snowstorm, argh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys and girls in Vancouver are so lucky, enjoy it!


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    New updates

    Hey guys and girls!

    I have added new updates on my blog,

    I have added a collection of pics from my time spent in Vancouver.
    Pics from rides, great scenery, parties and good friends.

    Some of you, you know who you are, are featured!

    Ha! Ha!


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    Is there any chance you can hook up with the Guy who was from Toronto that was scumming us BC people and saying how his girls could out wheelie us bla bla bla . Now that was a funny thread quite a while back.

    Anyone else remember the phishing that assclown was trying .....I think he was all over Harps if I remember right.

    I have a little downtime after surgery and I thought it would be cool if we could re start some of the internet shit fight that was going on. If anyone has the asshat's e mail addy I'll do my best to fire that one up again.

    Ps Denis never met you but sorry you had to leave BC but I figured you might be able to track the dude down.

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    BCSB - I hate you

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    Sorry Humpty,

    I don't know that Assclown!
    Ha! Ha!

    I am no longer in Toronto, I'm now in Montreal.
    Hence the Biker fou de Quebec, blog.

    I never did get to ride with any Toronto squids.
    But I did get to ride with some squids from Kitchener, the OSR gang.
    Good bunch of guys and girls.

    Take care,


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    More updates!

    Hey fellow BCSB'ers!

    More updates on my blog,

    I have added Google Ad-sense, it posts banner ads related to your specific
    blog, in my case, motorcycles.

    Current ad is called Bike Stay,
    It allows you to find motorcycle friendly hotels, motels, and B&B's anywhere in Canada.

    Check it out!

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