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    Question Fuel Octane

    Okay, now ive been running my bikes on Chevron super-supreme for as long as its been out, its a 94 octane fuel. Recently i had a friend come out from Alberta on his XX he says his bike doesnt run right on Supa-supreme and he runs regular unleaded , 87 octane. I thought about this and checked my manual, the manufacturer recommends 87 octane or higher. So i decided to run a tank full of regular in my blade to see how it would respond.... guess what?

    no difference! has anyone had problems related to running a low/high octane fuel and if so what? are we just throwing money away on high octane gas when our bikes dont need it and dont perform any different on it??

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    Just go with the manufactures recommendation. Anything else, is just a waste. (unless of course you've done major modifications)
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    see the poll on "what fuel do u use". theres some discussion on this topic there.

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    To summarize some of what was said in that other thread about fuel choices, it has been said that your engine will run better with lower octane. The higher the octane, the more resistance to detonation. In other words higher octane fuel won't burn as quickly as lower octane fuel and often will leave a build up of carbon faster. The lowest octane you can use without the engine pinging will result in the quickest burn, not as much carbon buildup and a marginally better running engine.

    I use 87 and sometimes 89, but never any higher than that and my bike runs just fine!
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