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    alpinestars boots FREE

    i just got me a pair of smx plus boots dirt cheap, cheaper than i could have picked them up here.

    out with the old, in with the new.

    my old pair of alpinestars boots can go to a new home. older gp pros. size 44. white, black, and blue.

    they are old and beat, but they have life left in them. good for someone that needs a pair of boots to get thru until they can afford a better set.

    pro: max pvp points with alpinestars! free!
    con: older boots. your friends may liken you to riding a moped.

    so if you are a new rider looking for gear, or a broke ass student looking to save some bux for kraft dinner, come get em.

    these are the boots, but not in black.

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    thanks for the interest folks. the boots have been claimed, and live another day.

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